The Story behind Up+thrive

I’ve always been motivated by seeing people thrive and knowing that I have played a part in their journey to success.

Following a degree in Geography, and then Masters in International Development I worked at VSO establishing International Development projects in countries as diverse as China, Zambia, Guyana and Cambodia. 

Through this work I became aware of the support and skills people need to be successful when working in and with another culture and developed and delivered training programmes to achieve this.

In 2003, I set up thinkingpeople, and for 15 years collaborated with companies including The Premier League, Aurora Fashions, Viacom and over 70 Higher Education Institutions, to build their organisational and individual cross-cultural competence. I enabled our clients to maximise their global opportunities by attracting and retaining international talent, bridging the cultural gap and creating cohesive teams.

My most recent cross-cultural experience was in Montreal where I moved with my family in 2015. There I used my skills as a coach and knowledge of global transition to establish KathrynRelocated, to inspire, connect and support expats and their partners to make the most of their overseas experience.

2018 is another exciting year for me with the launch of Up+Thrive.

I look forward to working with you,

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To connect with others and take time to understand them. To be self aware and learn from perspectives other than our own.


To ensure everyone feels welcome and comfortable, and has the opportunity to succeed.

Courage & Growth

To step up and do what you truly believe in. To embrace uncertainty and different perspectives, and grow.

Kathryn Eade, founder of Up+thrive

Highly experienced intercultural specialist with extensive knowledge of supporting people to live and work outside their comfort zone.  As the co-founder of thinkingpeople and the founder of KathrynRelocated she has established a reputation for providing high quality learning solutions.


I’ve always been motivated by seeing people thrive. I love listening to people’s stories and discovering what makes them tick. My passion is connecting with people, co-creating solutions and enabling them to move forward. Satisfaction comes from knowing that I have played a part in their journey to success.